Adventure trips to Kymenlaakso’s historical landscapes and wilderness areas

Attractions and activities in Kymenlaakso

The neighboring town of Mäntyharju, Kouvola, is the center of Kymenlaakso along the Kymijoki River with almost 90,000 inhabitants. Kouvola is located about 45 minutes from Korpijärvi.

The most famous sights in the area are Repovesi National Park, located in the Kouvola and Mäntyharju areas. In addition to Repovesi, there are also many other hiking trails in the Kouvola and Kymenlaakso areas. Also worth a visit is the Elving Tower, which is over 20 meters high and has great views of the Kymenlaakso wilderness areas.

For the whole family, we definitely recommend Tykkimäki Amusement Park and the Aquapark next to it. Both parks are also suitable for small children.

For those interested in culture and history, the Kymenlaakso area offers a unique attraction, the UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Verla Factory Museum in Jaala. It is also suitable for school-age children. On the same trip you can also visit the Vuohijärvi Nature and Culture House.

More information and photos, maps and route information can be found on Visit Kouvola website.

The attractions in the Kouvola area are also presented in the brochures of the Kouvola region on Visit Kouvola website!


The most famous hiking spots in Kymenlaakso are Repovesi and Valkmusa National Parks, where you can get to know the post-glacial period in Finland in particular. In the national parks you can explore both beautiful smooth cliffs and steep vertical cliffs. While hiking in northern Kymenlaakso, you can also see a lot of wilderness forests, which is a rarer sight in larger cities.

In Kymenlaakso, it is worthwhile to take a trip not only to the national parks but also to one of the destinations along the Kymijoki River. For example, when coming from the Helsinki area, you can drive to Korpijärvi via Kymijoki culture route, where you can see many historical sites along the Kymijoki River.

Attractions and places to visit


Unesco world heritage Verla Mill Museum

Kouvola, Verla
Approximately 50 km (approx. 45 min.) from Lake Korpijärvi
Duration: From 2 h
Suitable for families with children

Elving tower

Elving tower

Kouvola, Hillosensalmi / Kirjokivi
Approximately 49 km (approx. 40 min.) from Lake Korpijärvi
Duration: About 1 h
Suitable for families with children


Vuohijärvi Nature and Culture House

Kouvola, Vuohijärvi
Approximately 41 km (approx. 35 min.) from Lake Korpijärvi
Duration: 1-2 h
Suitable for families with children


Tykkimäki Amusement Park, Aquapark and Actionpark

Kouvola, Tykkimäki
Approximately 56 km (approx. 45 min.) from Lake Korpijärvi
Duration: From 2 h
Suitable for families with children