A wide variety of dining options throughout the year

Restaurants in Mäntyharju

There is something for everyone in Mäntyharju’s restaurants and cafes.

The center of Mäntyharju offers not only family-friendly home-style lunch restaurants, but also restaurants offering à la carte meals, barbecue delicacies and more exotic cuisine.

Most of the Mäntyharju restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars can be found on Visit Mäntyharju website (information in Finnish).

Restaurants in the center of Mäntyharju

Beach Restaurant Kurkiniemi (Asematie, 52700 Mäntyharju)
Tel. +358 440 575 830

Kurkiniemi is a beach restaurant in the center of Mäntyharju. The restaurant is open during the summer.

Next to the restaurant is the beach and the beach volleyball court.

Kurkiniemi’s restaurant is a good place to eat if you visit the Lake Pyhävesi next to the restaurant. It is a nice place for a whole family in the center of Mäntyharju.

Nilkko Brewing & Taproom (Pyhävedentie 20, 52700 Mäntyharju)
Tel. +358 40 6469 666

Nilkko Brewing is a craft brewery founded in 2017, which operates at Mäntyharju’s old shoe factory, on the shores of Lake Pyhävesi. The brewery produces aromatic American-style beers and develops products from, for example, raw materials in the area.

The brewery has its own Taproom, where you can taste the brewer’s own products as well as the delicacies of small producers both indoors and on the summer terrace. There is also a small shop where you can buy the brewer’s own products and other local products.

The brewery is located opposite the Kurkiniemi, so it is a great stopover for those who enjoy the beach of Kurkiniemi or if you go to a paddle on Lake Pyhävesi.

Restaurant Rosmarin (Reissutie 4, 52700 Mäntyharju)
Tel. +358 15 464 840

The Rosmarin Restaurant in Mäntyharju serves a home-cooked lunch buffet and à la carte meals, making it an ideal place to dine for families with children, for example, in the downtown area.

Cafe-restaurant Kesäheinä (Mäntyharjuntie 29, 52700 Mäntyharju)
Tel. +358 50 3388 116

The cafe-restaurant, open in summer, is located near the Art Centre Salmela.

The cafe-restaurant serves lunch and a variety of homemade pastries.

If there are events at the Art Centre Salmela, you must book a table in advance.

Kesäheinä is an excellent place to eat when you visit the Art Centre or Mäntyharju Church, Iso-Pappila Museum Area or Immo Nature Trail, located next to the Art Centre and Restaurant.

Restaurants in the countryside

Hillosensalmi old train station and cafe (Hillosensalmentie 1237, 47910 Hillosensalmi (Kouvola))
Tel. +358 500 862 862 (Seikkailuviikari)

Hillosensalmi Train Station is an old train station on the shores of Lake Vuohijärvi, near Repovesi National Park. The cafe is open during the summer.

In addition to home-made cafe products, the products of local craftsmen are on sale.

There is also a canoeing base (Seikkailuviikari) in the Hillosensalmi area, where you can rent canoes, kayaks and other boats if you want to paddle in Repovesi National Park and a water taxi service to Repovesi National Park. Seikkailuviikari also organizes adventure trips in Repovesi.

The cafe is perfect for a break if you paddle or hike in Repovesi National Park.

Seikkailuviikari’s base: Repovedentie 2, 47910 Hillosensalmi (Kouvola)

Miekankoski cafe (Miekankoskentie 942, 52700 Mäntyharju)
Tel. +358 400 653 281

Miekankoski cafe is located on the west side of Mäntyharju center, on a rapids suitable for fishing.

The summer cafe offers self-made pastries and self-baked bread.

Canoes and kayaks can also be rented from Miekankoski.

There is also a museum of log floating, a handicraft shop and a smithy.

Miekankoski is ideal for the whole family, and the beautiful rapids are a great place for photographers.