A favorite destination for rock climbers

Turunvuori rock climbing area and 1/4 glacial pothole

Turunvuori is a geological destination along the Kokkosenkyläntie, and especially a rock climbing favorite.

There are beautiful views on the top of Turunvuori. The mountain has a glacial pothole (about 12 meters), which has been excavated in the rock during the ice age. At the bottom, the diameter is about five meters and at the top it is about three meters.

NB! The rocks in the area are really steep and there are big falls on the cliff, so the attraction is not suitable for small children.

There is no fire place and no waste management in the area, so all the garbage and waste should be taken with you.

There is also a geocache in the area. Read more about geocaching on Hiking at Lake Korpijärvi page. The geocache information is found on Bike routes at Lake Korpijärvi page.

Find the site on the Karttapaikka website (Finnish map service) with the keyword Turunvuori, Mäntyharju. The place is on the shores of Turunlampi, where you can go via Sihvolantie (starting point Sihvolantie 1, 52700 Mäntyharju). Walk the road a bit and turn right on the forest path. The path leads to the pond.

Location coordinates: N 6797390 E 503187 (ETRS-TM35FIN)

Also close to Turunvuori is Mustavuori, another rock climbing destination favored by rock climbers. More information can be found on the 27 Grags website, which has a map of the destination and route descriptions. You can find the road to Mustavuori in Kokkosenkylä village, address is Nuijantie 216, 52700 Mäntyharju.

Contact information

Name of the attraction: Turunvuori
Address: Kokkosenkyläntie, 52700 Mäntyharju
Parking: Sihvolantie 1, 52700 Mäntyharju
Open: All year round

Additional information

Province, location and region: Etelä-Savo (Southern Savonia), Mäntyharju, Kokkosenkylä (village)
Address: Kokkosenkyläntie, 52700 Mäntyharju
Parking: Sihvolantie 1, 52700 Mäntyharju
Target group: Hikers, rock climbing enthusiasts
Distance from the center of Lake Korpijärvi: Approximately 1o km (approx. 10 min.) by car or approximately 1o km (approx. 1 h.) by bike
Open: Open all year round, but nature trails are not open during snowy days
Trail length: Under 1 km
Duration: About 1 h
Difficulty: Mediocre, part of the destination is not suitable for young children

Equipment: Hiking boots, rain gear in the rain, rock climbing gear
Please note: You can’t use prams or pushchairs in the nature trail.

More information:

More information on the site and route descriptions can be found on 27 Crags website and 27 Grags app.

Make sure the information is correct on the spot.

Maps and coordinates

Destination on Google Maps

karttapaikka.fi / National Land Survey of Finland – MapSite website:
N = 6797795.258, E = 503232.604 (ETRS-TM35FIN)


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