Information about the Lake Korpijärvi area

Lake Korpijärvi is located in Southern Finland, in Southern Savonia, in the southern part of the municipality of Mäntyharju, close to the Kymenlaakso and South Karelia borders.

The lake covers an area of about 30 square kilometers and has a coastline of over 100 km.

Lake Korpijärvi is part of the Saimaa water area, and the highway 15 between Kouvola and Mikkeli runs through the lake area.

We are about 30 km from Mäntyharju center, about 50 km from Mikkeli, about 60 km from Kouvola, about 85 km from Lappeenranta, about 120 km from Lahti and about 200 km from Helsinki.

Mäntyharju is a rural municipality with about 6,000 inhabitants. It is one of the Finland’s most popular summer cottage areas.

The most famous sights of Mäntyharju are the Repovesi National Park and the Mäntyharju-Repovesi routes leading to it, which were chosen as the best excursion destination in 2015 and the Art Centre Salmela and it’s summer exhibitions and events, one of the Finland’s most popular summer events.

The municipality has over 800 lakes and small ponds and nearly 5,000 summer cottages. In Mäntyharju, where, the traveller can experience the beauty of the true Finnish lake nature and the tranquility and quiet of nature – the best of the Lakeland Finland.

Maps of Mäntyharju and Lake Korpijärvi area

There are several different maps of Mäntyharju area in Mäntyharjun karttapalvelu (Mäntyharju map service, website in Finnish).

You can select different map levels in the “Aineistot” (Materials) section.

The “Opaskartta” (Guide map) in the section Kartat (Maps) allows you to plan bicycle tours in the area of Korpijärvi and Mäntyharju. You can also measure route lengths with the measurement tool.

The “Peruskartta” (Basic map) shows important markings of the Korpijärvi water area and the depth of the lake.

If you want to see the hiking trails in the Mäntyharju area, select Liikuntapalvelut (Sports services) and then choose either Kesäreitit (Summer trails) tai Talvireitit (Winter trails).

Under Kesäreitit (Summer trails) you will find the following options: Patikointi (Hiking), Maastopyöräreitit (Mountain bike routes), Retkipyöräreitit (Touring bike routes) and Melontareitit (Kayaking/paddling routes). In the Talvireitit (Winter trails) section, you will find the following options: Hiihtoladut (Ski trails), Jääladut (Ice skating trails), Retkiluistelu (Skating tours), Talvipatikka (Winter hiking).

Note! Not all trails at Lake Korpijärvi and the surrounding area can be found in the Mäntyharju map service. You can ask the tourism companies in the area for more information about these routes.

A general map of Mäntyharju and the surrounding area can be found in the Karttapaikka (Citizen’s map service, website in English) maintained by the Maanmittauslaitos (National Land Survey in Finland), where you can find, for example, a topographical map for hiking. You can search for a map of the Lake Korpijärvi area by entering the address Kouvolantie 2216, 52700 Mäntyharju, Lomakeskus Tommolansalmi in the middle of Korpijärvi.

From the Retkikartta.fi (Excursion map, website in Finnish) service maintained by Metsähallitus (Forest Administration in Finland), you can search for not only map information but also destinations suitable for hiking and, for example, fishing and hunting destinations.

First, click Search destinations in the upper left corner. You will see a menu. Select English as the language at the bottom of the menu.

In the menu on the right side, you can find different map levels. You can choose which map you want to view from the menu item Background maps. From the Map layers section, you can choose different attractions, places to visit and hiking routes to see.

Useful information about the trails can also be found on the international www.outdooractive.com service, the largest nature and sports travel portal in Central Europe. The service has its own application Outdooractive, which can be downloaded from application stores. For example, maps for the routes of Repovesi National Park and hiking trails in Savitaipale can be downloaded for use on your phone via this application.

How to get here?

These driving instructions will guide you to the center of Lake Korpijärvi, to the Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre.

From Mäntyharju:

From the centre of Mäntyharju take Route 368 and then turn onto Varpasentie (Route 381). Drive along Varpasentie for approximately 21 kilometres, then turn right onto Kouvolantie and drive for another 9 kilometres.

From Helsinki and Lahti:

Drive first to Kouvola. Drive from Kouvola along Valkealanväylä (Route 15) in the direction of Mikkeli for 57 kilometres.

From Kouvola:

Drive from Kouvola along Valkealanväylä (Route 15) in the direction of Mikkeli for 57 kilometres.

From Mikkeli:

Drive from Mikkeli along Kouvolantie (Route 15) in the direction of Kouvola for 49 kilometres.

From Lappeenranta:

Turn off Route 6 and onto Route 13 to Mikkeli and drive for 56 kilometres. Turn left onto Mäntyharjuntie (Route 381) and drive for 11 kilometres. Then turn left onto Kouvolantie and drive for another 9 kilometres.

Tourist information in Mäntyharju

More information on Mäntyharju tourist attractions, accommodation and activities can be found on the Mäntyharju municipality website (mostly in Finnish) and Visit Mäntyharju website.

More information about Mäntyharju services is available at the library’s shared service point during the winter season. During the summer, the Tourist Information Center is available at the Mäntyharju Market.

Library service point

Lääkärinkuja 2, 52700 Mäntyharju
Open weekdays Mon-Fri 9-15
Tel. +358 447707346 (pvm/mpm)

Tourist Information Centre in the Mäntyharju market in the summer

Savontie 1, 52700 Mäntyharju

There is tourist advisor on site usually in the summer and you can buy local maps and maps of Repovesi National Park there.

The exact opening hours of the Tourist Information Centre can be found on the website of Mäntyharju municipality (website in Finnish).

For more information on tourism-related issues, you can also send an e-mail to matkailu@mantyharju.fi.

Korpijärvi area tourist information

The tourist information point of Korpijärvi area is in the Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre .

Kouvolantie 2216, 52700 Mäntyharju
+358 400 754 835
info (at) tommolansalmi.fi

Maps and brochures are available at the resort’s summer restaurant, and you can ask the restaurant staff for tips on both Lake Korpijärvi and the surrounding area.

Visit Lake Korpijärvi brand

The Visit Lake Korpijärvi brand wants to highlight the best of the Korpijärvi Lake area: an unhurried atmosphere, peace and quiet, a scenic landscape with a diverse range of wildlife, and numerous hiking opportunities in the area.

The brand also aims to make less known small tourism companies and their services more visible and more attractive to tourists.

The brand emphasizes the importance of Finnish nature, especially in international tourism marketing, and emphasizes the importance of eco-friendly and sustainable tourism: Visit Lake Korpijärvi wants to make local tourism more visible and meaningful. That’s why the Visit Lake Korpijärvi website gives you the opportunity to build your favorite holiday on the basis of a range of services and activities in the surrounding area.

Visit Lake Korpijärvi wants to point out that a successful holiday does not necessarily require miracles – a relaxing holiday can also include excursions to the nearby forest.

The story of the Visit Lake Korpijärvi logo

We at Korpijärvi have forests and villages full of life – and our logo reminds us of it.

The Visit Lake Korpijärvi brand logo depicts the area of Korpijärvi – two lake areas and its northern, eastern, southern and western villages.

The blue color of lakes highlights the purity of nature in the area, while the colorful villages around it remind us that Finnish villages still have a lot of life worth seeing.

Visit Lake Korpijärvi logo

Visit Lake Korpijärvi brand is owned by Lomakeskus Tommolansalmi (Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre).

The purpose of the brand is to gather all the information about the services and activities in Korpijärvi, tourist attractions and hiking opportunities in the surrounding area, for all those traveling in Mäntyharju, Korpijärvi and its surroundings.

The brand does not replace the marketing activities of the tourism companies in the area or the municipality of Mäntyharju or the brands of the tourism companies in the region, but only supports them.

The Visit Lake Korpijärvi website is an information website for tourist in Korpijärvi region.

The construction of the brand and the website has been carried out at the initiative of Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre in the enterprise group project of Korpijärvi tourism companies in 2018–2020 as part of the Rural Development Program 2014-2020 in mainland Finland.

The project is partly financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

Europe investing in rural areas

Site management

Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre, which operates in Korpijärvi, is responsible for maintaining and developing the website.

Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre
Kouvolantie 2216
52700 Mäntyharju

GSM +358 400 754 835
info (at) tommolansalmi.fi

Copyright of the content and Visit Lake Korpijärvi brand

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All inquiries related to the content of the website or the Visit Lake Korpijärvi brand can be addressed to Tommolansalmi.

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