A tribute to nature and local history

Irja Hannonen nature trail and historical Karkauksentie road

Located in Suomenniemi, about 20 km from Korpijärvi, Karkauksentie (length about 10 km) is called the most beautiful old dairy route in the area. It is a very beautiful summer road with views of various forests and Lake Kuolimo.

Along the road there is a nearly 200-year-old Ripatti mill (along the creek between Karkauslahti and Mustalampi, about Karkauksentie 930) and a nature trail built in memory of Irja Hannonen, who lived in the village. The mill has a private museum with changing exhibitions in the summer.

Irja Hannonen’s nature trail is located along the road in the Kuitura Nature Reserve, by Lake Kuolimo.

Along the route you can see different plants and animals. You can borrow a route card with information about the route from the beginning of the route.

On the nature trail there is a Kuitura resting place with lean-to and outdoor toilet. Take your own matches with you. Garbage should be taken away with you as there is no waste management in the area.

The route is sometimes challenging, so the route is not suitable for the smallest children.

Contact information

Name of the attraction: Irja Hannonen trail
(Irja Hannosen luontopolku in Finnish)
Address: Karkauksentie 910, 52830 Suomenniemi
Open: All year round

Additional information

Province, location and region: Etelä-Savo (Southern Savonia, Suomenniemi, Karkaus (village)
Address: Karkauksentie 910, 52830 Suomenniemi
Target group: Families with children, seniors, hikers
Distance from the center of Lake Korpijärvi: Approximately 2o km (approx. 16 min.) by car
Open: Open all year round, but nature trails are not open during snowy days
Trail length: Noin 3,8 km
Duration: 1-2 h
Difficulty: Mediocre, part of the trail is not suitable for young children
Equipment: Hiking boots, rain gear in the rain, campfire equipment
Please note: You can’t use prams or pushchairs in the nature trail.

More information:

Two introductions of the site have been written for the hiking site Retkipaikka (website in Finnish, use e.g. Google Translator for translation):

Oivallinen pikku patikkaretki Kuolimojärven maisemissa Mikkelissä – kiitos Irja Hannonen!

Suomenniemen salattu luontohelmi: Irja Hannosen luontopolku on kuin sadusta

Make sure the information is correct on the spot.

Maps and coordinates

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karttapaikka.fi / National Land Survey of Finland – MapSite website:
N = 6804363.113, E = 513681.420 (ETRS-TM35FIN)