Free winter activities for sports enthusiasts and families with children

Winter activities at Lake Korpijärvi

Although the majority of tourists visit the lake area during the summer, there are things to do also in autumn, spring and winter in the Lake Korpijärvi area.

Bike trails in the area are available in the autumn and in the spring, and larger roads are also plowed in the winter, so you can also cycle through the winter.

If the lake’s ice cover is thick enough, you can take a walk on the ice, even to Korpisaari Island, which is on the east side of the lake.

When ice and snow situation allows, it is also possible to practice skiing, tour skating and ice skating on ice.

Information on fishing and winter fishing is available on the Fishing at Lake Korpijärvi page.

The cottage rental companies in the area also organize a variety of activities for their customers in winter.

For example, there are ice-holes to swim, sledding and Finnish sleigh carousel in winter.

The cottage rental companies also rent and lend various winter sports equipment.

For more information on companies’ winter activities, please visit the companies’ own websites.

Skiing and ice skating

The nearest ski slopes in the Korpijärvi area can be found in Halmeniemi Village, where there is a 7 km ski track (partly lighting) and in Valtola Village, where you can find 3 km ski track.

When the snow and ice conditions allow, skiing on Lake Korpijärvi is possible.

Information about opening the trails and the location of the ski trails can be obtained from the local cottage rental companies.

For longer ski runs, you can head to the center of Mäntyharju, where you will find both longer trails and skiing trails on the lake ice. The cottage rental companies in the area can advise on where to go.

The nearest skating rink can be found at the Valtola former school field (Valtolantie 2013, 52700 Mäntyharju).

When snow and ice allow, tour skating and ice skating on Korpijärvi Lake is also possible.