Take advantage of local services that are open during the summer

Services at Lake Korpijärvi

The cottage rental companies in the Korpijärvi area serve their customers all year round.

Some of the other services in the area, such as Tommolansalmi Summer Restaurant, Vanonen Summer Market and Käävänkylä Village Shop, are only open during summer.

You can rent saunas and various activities in Korpijärvi area. For more information on these, visit the Other activities at Lake Korpijärvi.

Outside the summer season the nearest services can be found in the center of Mäntyharju (about 30 km from Korpijärvi) and in Tuohikotti village in Savitaipale (about 22 km from Korpijärvi) where ABC Tuohikotti grocery store and restaurant serve every day from morning to night.

More information about Mäntyharju’s grocery stores and other services can be found on the Services in Mäntyharju page.


Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre (Kouvolantie 2216, Mäntyharju)

At the resort’s summer restaurant you can buy local food and barbecue meals as takeaway meals, baked pastries, savory delicacies, soft drinks and other non-alcoholic summer drinks, alcoholic drinks, ice cream and some kiosk products. The restaurant is open from the end of May to the end of August every day from 9 am to (21); closing time depends on weather and customer situation.

Käävänkylä Village Shop (Valtolantie 2538, 52890 Käävänkylä (Mäntyharju))

The village shop is open in summer. For example, basic food and kiosk products are for sale.

Vanonen Summer Market (Halmeniementie 997, 52850 Halmeniemi (Mäntyharju))

The summer market in the village of Vanonen is open on Saturdays from 11 am to 1 pm.

For example, the market offers pastries, vegetables and strawberries, as well as local craftsmen’s products. There is a summer cafe at the Market Square.

NB! The most popular products are sold as soon as the market opens, so it is advisable to be there at 11 am if you want to buy local food products.

Refueling points

Rantinhovi (Mäntyharjuntie 1091, 52830 Suomenniemi), St1 cold station open 24/7