Hiking options ranging from small trails to longer geocaching trips

Hiking at Lake Korpijärvi and in the nearby area

Lake Korpijärvi has excellent hiking opportunities. There are tens of kilometers of gravel and sandy roads suitable for cycling and jogging, and because we have so little traffic, you can also go to the countryside roads with small children.

There are also many idyllic places for photography enthusiasts, such as the area’s nature trails and the Puhinkoski area.

More information on Korpijärvi hiking destinations can be found on the Bike routes at Lake Korpijärvi page and on the Fishing at Lake Korpijärvi page.

Hiking destinations and nature trails

Korpisaari at Lake Korpijärvi

Korpisaari Island

On the eastern side of Korpijärvi, in Halmeniemenselkä, there is an uninhabited Korpisaari Island suitable for hiking.

The island is ideal for a couple of hours trip by boat, canoe or SUP boards.

In the area there is a small dock available for part of the year. Local cottage rental companies can tell when the dock is available.

At the southern end of the Korpisaari Island there is a hut with a kitchenette, a campfire site and an outdoor toilet, so you can take your own meals and have a picnic on the island. Take matches with you; only firewood is available in the area. However, check for a possible forest fire warning before making a fire.

The map of Korpijärvi can be found, for example, from the Mäntyharjun karttapalvelu (Mäntyharju map service) and the Karttapaikka (map service in Finland). For example, enter the address of the Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre (Kouvolantie 2216, Mäntyharju) to see where Korpisaari can be found – Tommolansalmi is close to the island. If you are looking for the Korpijärvi area from the Mäntyharju map service and you choose the Ulkoilukartta map (Outdoor Map), you will see the location of the Korpisaari and services on the island.


Tommolansalmi Nature Trail

Tommolansalmi nature trails

Opposite Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre (Kouvolantie 2216, 52700 Mäntyharju), across the road, there is a small nature trail along the lake. An idyllic nature trail is well suited for nature photographers, as the nature trail can be used to see swans nestling on the Tommolansalmi, for example.

The short nature trail ends at an old beach with an old demolished bridge, which is ideal place for a whole family picnic.

You can leave your car in the parking lot of the resort.

At the back of Tommolansalmi, there is also a small lakeside trail from the back of the camping area (near wooden sauna), which runs towards the Tommola stage area.

In the immediate vicinity of the resort there is a Nordic walking path suitable for beginners. You can ask about the route from Tommolansalmi summer restaurant.

Puhinkoski rapids

Puhinkoski rapids

Small Puhinkoski rapids are located in the eastern part of Lake Korpijärvi, near the intersection of Halmeniementie and Pitkälammentie, along the cycle path through Halmenniemi, approximately at Halmeniementie 724, 52700 Mäntyharju.

The area has an old mill building as well as other old buildings and a small rapids area, so the site is ideal for nature photography enthusiasts.

As there are also residential buildings in the area, move to the rapids area through the forest, from the west side of the rapids area.

See the exact location of the rapids area from the Mäntyharjun karttapalvelu (Mäntyharju map service). In the left menu, under Aineistot (Materials), select Kartat (Maps) > Peruskartta (Basic Map) to see the terrain markings in the Mäntyharju area. Then look for Lake Korpijärvi on the map and then Lake Myllylampi in the eastern part. Puhinkoski is the area between Lake Myllylampi and Lake Viljajärvi.

Berry picking and mushroom picking

Korpijärvi has excellent possibilities for berry picking and mushroom picking, as there are many pine forests in the area, where many berries grow.

Ask local cottage rental companies for tips on where to look for berries and mushrooms.

When looking for berry picking and mushroom picking sites, you can use the Mäntyharjun karttapalvelu (Mäntyharju map service), where you can find peaceful forest islands from Korpijärvi, suitable for berry picking and mushroom picking.

Avoid berry picking and mushroom picking in the vicinity of cottages and houses.

Geocaches in the Lake Korpijärvi area

Tommolansalmi Nature Trail

Mäntyharju has several geocaches and there are several in the Korpijärvi area.

The caches of the Korpijärvi area can be searched using the map of the geocache.fi site. First you see a map. Zoom in and find Lake Korpijärvi (between Kouvola and Mikkeli) and click near Tommolansalmi, so that map will register that Tommolansalmi is your center point for your searches. Then choose Hakulomake (Search form). Find menu “Maakunta” (Province) and choose “Etelä-Savo” (Southern Savonia). Find menu “Max. säde” (Max. radius) and choose 200 km. Click the button “Keskipistehaku” (Search from center) and then you see both the Mäntyharju downtown area and the nearby areas of Korpijärvi.

NB! The location of the caches is displayed quite accurately, but precise coordinates for geocaches can only be found by creating an account in a geocaching service or using a geocaching application on the phone.

For geocaching, you can download free Geocaching application (by Groundspeak) from app store.

See: https://www.geocaching.com/play (choose language: English)

More caches are presented on the Bike routes at Lake Korpijärvi page.

The link below opens a description of the cache at geocaching.com. You need a Geocaching app to find out the coordinates of caches.

NB! Some of the information on the pages below is in Finnish, some in English.

Geocache / Hups, taskut vuotaa
Geocache / Tohiskon kääpiökylä
Geocache / Travel bug hotel / Tommolansalmi
Geocache / All Saint’s Day Hexagon
Geocache / Halmeniemen Halmela (Halmela Village House)
Geocache / Puhinkosken saari (Puhinkoski rapids)
Geocache / Lomapostia – Holiday Mail
Geocache / Teuvo
Geocache / Valtolan uimaranta (Valtola Beach)
Geocache / Mörkökivi (Monster Rock)


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