Excellent fishing opportunities all year round


Lake Korpijärvi is part of the Saimaa lake area and it is a clear-water lake with good water quality. It is known as an excellent fishing place. You can fish from the lake, for example, perch, pike, whitefish, trout and lake trout. Lake is one of Finland’s best salmon lakes.

Local cottage rental companies can give you tips about the best fishing spots in the lake.

The lake covers an area of about 30 square kilometers and the coastline’s length is just over 100 km. The average depth of the lake is 10 meters.

Lake Korpijärvi is divided into two areas, Halmeniemenselkä and Valtolanselkä, which are combined by the narrow Tommolansalmi. You can go from another area to another via a small bridge, which is at Tommolansalmi. The height of the bridge is only 1.6 meters, so it is only suitable for smaller boats.

Halmeniemenselkä on the eastern side and the north side of the Valtolanselkä on the west side are open water areas.

There are many small islands in the south part of Valtolanselkä.

If you want to bring your own boat to Korpijärvi, there is a boat ramp and a guest boat dock for boats at Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre (Kouvolantie 2216, 52700 Mäntyharju).

Information on fishing restrictions in the Korpijärvi area can be obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s service (Fishing limits in Finland – information in Finnish). The restrictions displayed in the service are explained on this page: (information in Finnish)

At the moment there is a ban on fishing in the eastern part of Korpijärvi, in Sulunlahti and in the rapids in the area, as they are the trout spawning grounds.

You can get information on fishing restrictions from local cottage rental companies when purchasing a fishing permit.

Ice fishing in winter

The ice thickness is about 40 cm on average in winter, so it is possible to fish on the lake in many places in winter. Ask our local cottage rental companies about the ice situation on the lake and the start and end of the ice fishing season.

More information about Korpijärvi

More information about the lake can be found on Järviwiki website, maintained by the Finnish Environment Institute: Korpijärvi (information in Finnish)



In the Korpijärvi area there is a separate salmon pond site. There you can catch one salmon with a day permit. A permission must be obtained for each person and for each fishing gear separately.

The catch must be marked on the booklet, which is on the shore of the pond.

The day permit (10 €) can be purchased from Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre or Kapiaisen lomamökit (Kapiainen Holiday Cottages).

The Halmeniemi Water Area Association is responsible for the pond and regularly supervises it. Illegal fishing is fined.

Ask our local cottage rental companies for directions to the pond.




Tourists can borrow and rent fishing equipment from local cottage rental companies.

However, only a limited number of fishing gear is available, so it is advisable to reserve fishing gear before the holiday, if possible. If the fishing gears are free, they can be booked the same day you want to go fishing.

It is also advisable, if possible, to reserve the life jackets needed for the fishing trip in advance to ensure that the right sizes are available.

Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre offers handlines and ice fishing equipment for free for guests. Spinning equipment can be rented from the summer restaurant.

From the same place you can buy worms for fishing and at the same time pay a fishing permit to Korpijärvi.




If you want to go fishing in Korpijärvi, you have to pay a fishing management fee (persons between 18–64) and buy a fishing license.

Fishing license is required for spinning, trolling and fishing with nets. No permission is required for ice fishing and angling with worms.

Payment of the management fee

You can pay a fishing management fee (1 day, 7 days or a whole year) for example in Metsähallitus online shop or in a local R-Kiosk.

The management fee is personal, but it can also be purchased for another person. When purchasing the permit, the name of the person, contact information and date of birth (no personal identification number) must be indicated.

The payment receipt must be kept with you when you go fishing and if the fishing inspector or authority wants to see it, it must be displayed in paper, plastic or electronic form.

The fishing license for Lake Korpijärvi can be purchased from local cottage rental companies.

Fishing license sellers

Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre (Kouvolantie 2216, 52700 Mäntyharju, tel. +358 400 754 835)

The fishing permits can be purchased during the summer in the resort’s summer restaurant from late May to late August. During the winter season, fishing permits can be purchased separately upon agreement.

Kapiaisen lomamökit (Kapiainen holiday cottages) (Haapiontie 87, 52850 Halmeniemi (Mäntyharju), tel. +358 400 750 639 or +358 400 926 001)

The fishing permits can be bought all year round for the nets and snare in the Korpijärvi area.