Natural sights and culture from ancient times to the present day

Attractions and activities in Southern Savonia

Mikkeli, the coastal town of Lake Saimaa, is a center in Southern Savonia with over 50,000 inhabitants. Mikkeli and the surrounding region are located in just over half an hour away from Lake Korpijärvi.

The Mikkeli area is well known for its diverse cultural offerings and delicious restaurants offering local cuisine.

Mikkeli and its surrounding areas are a good day trip destination for families with children. For families we recommend a day trip to Visulahti Amusement Park. On the same trip, you can visit the center of Mikkeli and Kenkävero, Finland’s largest vicarage, as well as its handicraft shops and exhibitions.

If you are interested in ancient Finnish history, visit Astuvansalmi rock paintings in Ristiina, and for those who are looking for a hiking trail in the area around Korpijärvi, we recommend the Irja Hannonen Nature Trail.

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The sights and hiking trails of Southern Savonia are located in the varied terrain of the Lake Saimaa area, on rocky shores and labyrinthine lake scenery. Up to a quarter of the province’s surface is water. There are over 4,600 lakes in the area, which are covering more than one hectare. They are really good day trip destinations.

There are signs of the habitation and culture of people in Southern Savonia since ancient times. That is why the rock paintings of Astuvansalmi and other ancient sights in the area are the best way to take a peek, even for a moment, into the life and lakes of ancient Finland.

Attractions and places to visit


Astuvansalmi rock paintings

Mikkeli, Ristiina, Hirssaari
Approximately 49 km (approx. 45 min.) from Lake Korpijärvi
Duration: 2-3 h
Trail length: Under 3 km/direction
Suitable for families with children

Irja Hannonen nature trail

Irja Hannonen nature trail

Suomenniemi, Karkaus
Approximately 20 km (approx. 16 min.) from Lake Korpijärvi
Duration: 1-2 h
Trail length: About 3,8 km
Suitable for families with children


Visulahti Amusement Park

Mikkeli, Visulahti
Approximately 54 km (approx. 45 min.) from Lake Korpijärvi
Duration: From 2 h
Suitable for families with children