Nature trail and rock paintings in the traditional Finnish landscape


Astuvansalmi rock paintings are located on the shore of Lake Yövesi in Ristiina, Mikkeli. The paintings are about 4 500-6 000 years old and are among the largest in Northern Europe.

More than 65 images have been painted on the rocks: for example animals, people, paws and boats. On the cliff it is possible to see the landscape very much like it was when the paintings were made – without visible human traces.

NB! The cliffs of the area have very high drop-offs of several meters, so you have to take special care of small children on the rocks.

The paintings can be accessed through a forest trail that is less than 3 km long. You can leave the car at the parking lot next to Suurlahdentie. The route is also suitable for children.

There is a rest area and a dry toilet and a boat dock in the area.

You can also visit the paintings by boat or you can take a cruise that takes you to the paintings.


Name of the attraction: Astuvansalmi rock paintings
Address and parking: Suurlahdentie 2039, 52360 Ristiina (Mikkeli)
Open: All year round


Province, location and region: Etelä-Savo, Mikkeli, Ristiina, Hirssaari
Address: Suurlahdentie 2039, 52360 Ristiina (Mikkeli)
Parking: Suurlahdentie 2039, 52360 Ristiina (Mikkeli)
Target group: Families with children, seniors, hikers
Distance from the center of Lake Korpijärvi: Approximately 49 km (approx. 45 min.) by car
Open: Open all year round, but nature trails are not open during snowy days
Trail length: Under 3 km/direction
Duration: 2-3 h

Difficulty: Moderate, part of the trail is not suitable for young children
Equipment: Hiking boots, rain gear in the rain, campfire equipment
Please note: You can’t use prams or pushchairs in the nature trail

More information:

More information on the attraction can be found at Visit Mikkeli website.

The trails can also be found in the outdooractive application (downloadable from application stores), which has a map of the trails.

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Coordinates / National Land Survey of Finland – MapSite website:
N = 6814146.802 E = 528823.748 (ETRS-TM35FIN)


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