Hiking information and tips for your holiday in Mäntyharju!

– What can we do here and where can we go?

The Finnish tourist entrepreneur hears these questions from day to day. Traditionally, we would answer this question by recommending, for example, the Repovesi National Park and the Art Center of Salmela in the summer, which are well-known destinations in Finland, but what if a traveler wants to stay with us longer and need more destinations? What should we recommend then?

The Visit Lake Korpijärvi site originated from the idea that tourists need up-to-date information on the different hiking opportunities in Korpijärvi and the surrounding areas, as well as on destinations that the traveler may not find on larger tourist sites, such as small cultural and village events and less known hiking destinations that may be worth experiencing.

For this reason, we thoroughly surveyed the nearby destinations and hiking trails, as well as larger and smaller events in our area – across municipal boundaries and county boundaries. In our opinion, we found a nice setting for you – from the interesting geocaches in the Korpijärvi area to the historic hiking trails of the Savitaipale region. We hope that you will get more out of your holiday in Southern Savonia with these sites and events.

Since there are many events in our neighborhood and our site is not able to cover everything worth seeing and experiencing in Mäntyharju or in the surrounding area, you can also ask tips from the cottage rental companies in the Korpijärvi area.

We hope you have a nice holiday in Korpijärvi and Mäntyharju and hope that you will leave us with few bigger and smaller but even more meaningful experiences!

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Visit Lake Korpijärvi marketing team

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